Review: The One by Dani Wyatt


Published April 2019

Blurb: It’s impossible to know when you find the one from a photo, right?


In a matter of thirty seconds, all my years knowing I’d die alone evaporate. Work is my life. My oil rigs are my girlfriends, my wives, and they take all of my time.

The woman I see looking back at me on my phone screen is also about to become my step-sister. Turns out, she has nearly as much interest in a relationship as I did before her ice blue eyes melted my frozen heart. The most challenging job of my life is to convince her we were made for each other.

There’s a storm brewing from the past. Old losses turn to new grudges and they threaten to ruin everything. She’s too good for me. Too smart. Too everything. But, she’s mine, and I’ll breathe my dying breath making sure we get our shot. When you find the one, you just know.

Author’s Note: Take a hard-living oil field alpha, a Mensa smart over-achiever a heap of blasting powder, a few old grudges from the past and watch things ignite. These two are the least likely to succeed together but in every way that counts are perfect. As always, this novella is safe, no cheating, steamy like scalding coffee and a happy ending that leaves you with a sigh.

May be spoilers:

The One has 21 chapters and is about Van and Issi.

Van has been called in to go to his father’s wedding. His dad sends a picture of his soon to be family and Van falls her for Issi. He owns oil rigs so he’s gone most of the time.

Issi is a workaholic too and her and her mom are really close, which I loved. She had to be a grown up as her mom wasn’t the responsible type. She falls for Van’s picture.

Everything moves fast as they both want the other even though Issi is hesitant because she’s watched her mom find the one over and over.

Things blow up between Issi’s mom and Van’s dad which makes Issi’s mom want her to not fall in love with anyone, but that doesn’t last as Van isn’t letting anyone come between them.

Some really great steamy scenes, little spanking.

They only drama was from someone who wanted to hurt them both and hurt both of their careers and when her mom shows her pictures of him with his stepsister.

It was a great story. I loved it. No virgins, no cheating between mcs-Van’s dad cheated on Issi’s mom, instalove, no separations other than distance. Pretty good read.

Epilogue is 2 months, then 5 years later. They are happily married with 2 kids and pregnant. I gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars.  Thanks for reading. Hope you check it out. You can get it on your Kindle: The One

If you don’t have KU, you can get a free trial:

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