Review: Starlet by Fiona Davenport & Alexa Riley


Published April 2019

Blurb: Nicole Callahan is an up-and-coming movie star. When she gets her big chance, the role requires her to get romantic with her co-star on screen. But there’s only one man she can picture herself kissing…even if she’s never met him in person.

Austin Hayes has been a household name since he hit it big as a child actor. His refusal to so much as kiss a woman on screen hasn’t stopped him from having a successful career in Hollywood. But when Nicole wants him as her co-star, he throws all the rules out the window because this starlet is meant to be his.

May be spoilers:

Starlet has 10 chapters and 2 epilogues and is about Nicole and Austin. We met Austin in Muse, but each story is a standalone.

We meet Austin who is a big actor. He doesn’t do love scenes as he’s looking for his “One” and doesn’t want her to see him with others, even on the screen. I thought that was pretty sweet.

Nicole is offered a role of a lifetime, but she’ll only agree if she can have Austin to star with her as she’s had a crush on him for years and she’s like him, where she doesn’t want to kiss just anyone.

They are both all in right off the bat. Everything moves at the speed of light. Instalove/instaeverything to the max. Both are virgins.

Hot sex scenes with a little spanking thrown in. Great short to the point story. I loved it. No drama, no push/pull, no cheating and no separations.
I love that they were together from the start. Great story.

Epilogue is a few years down the road, they are happily married with 3 kids and pregnant with twins. Great read, I loved it. I’m a huge fan of lots of steam. They are so adorable together and I can’t wait for the next one.

I gave it 5 out of 5 stars.  Thanks for reading. Hope you check it out.  You can get it on your Kindle: Starlet

If you don’t have KU, you can get a free trial:

Goodreads shelves: epilogue-kids, epilogue-married, epilogue-pregnant, faithful-since-meeting, fast-read, get-together-stay-together, great-read, hea, insta-everything, instalove-lust, love-how-he-loves-her, no-cheating-between-mcs, no-drama, no-ow-om-drama, no-push-pull, no-sex-scenes-with-ow-om, read, safe-for-me, short-to-the-point, spanking, steamy, virgin-hero, virgin-heroine

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