Review: Wilder by Leann Ashers


Published Aug. 2018


My life was an absolute mess, and it was slowly killing me.

Dismay and anguish defined my everyday life.

Until Wilder.

He became what I’d never known I craved.

He was my world, my best friend.

For once…I was happy.

Until it all started crashing down around us.


From the moment I’d met Joslyn, she’d been my everything.

I’d never expected to have her in my life, but she was finally mine.

There was no way I was going to lose her.

I would lay down my life to keep her safe.

My MC has been my life. Danger has never been uncommon.

I was made for this lifestyle, but now Joslyn’s in danger too.

They’ve messed with the wrong MC, and now we are coming for them…

May they rest in pieces.

Game on. 

May be spoilers:

Reread for me.

Wilder is the 2nd in the Grim Sinners MC series. It has 23 chapters and an epilogue and is about Wilder and Joslyn.

I recommend reading the series in order if fi you haven’t read the Devil Souls MC series, you really should start there as some of the characters crossover.

Joslyn, she’s such a sweetheart, but she doesn’t realize her own worth as she has a mother who has done nothing but put her down. She’s been running from her mother and her stepbrother for awhile.

She met Wilder while working for Shaylin.

Definite instaconnection/instalove when they meet. However, she doesn’t think he could possibly want her.

She finally gives in to a date with Wilder, but it’s ruined when she runs because her mom found her. She’s so used to being alone and always doing things for herself, that it never crosses her mind to ask for help.

I loved Wilder he is just awesome. He’s just like the rest of LeAnn Ashers heroes, he knows what he wants from first look.

She’s gone for 3 months when Robert finds her, so she finally asks for help.

Wilder does not hesitate in going after her and making sure she’s protected.

I love this author as she makes you feel exactly what her characters feel, which makes for a great read for me.

Lots of action and outside drama as the club is still dealing with the cartel. Kept my attention from the very beginning.

I love seeing characters from past stories, definitely love the continuing worlds.

Takes awhile before they actually get together, but it was definitely worth the wait. So there are a few steamy bits, but they are a little later in the story.

She’s a virgin and I don’t remember it saying anything about how long it’s been for him, however, I do believe he was celibate since meeting her.

Great read. I loved how the characters were with each other. Lots of violence, as with her other stories.

No cheating, no ow drama, om-just bad guys, 3 month separation before they got together, none after.

Epilogue is a year out, then many more years out. They are happily married with 4 kids.

Great read. I love the epilogues as she usually goes out a long way. I love it. I gave it 🌟🌟🌟🌟. Thanks for reading.

Goodreads shelves: celibate-during-separation, celibate-hero, epilogue-kids, epilogue-married, faithful-since-meeting, fast-read, favorite, favorite-author, great-read, hea, love-how-he-loves-her, multi-read, no-cheating-between-mcs, no-ow-drama, no-push-pull, no-separations, no-sex-scenes-with-ow-om, o-t-t-alpha, read, reread, safe-for-me, short-separation, violence, virgin-heroine

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