Review: First Love by Fiona Davenport


Published Feb. 2020

Tucker Carrington knew what true, lasting love looked like. He grew up surrounded by it, but he never expected to feel it for himself when he was only twenty-one. Let alone for Eva Kendall, a girl he’d known since she was born. His best friend’s sister.

Since Eva was too young for him, Tucker had to wait for the right moment to make her his. Heading overseas for his father’s company, the distance didn’t stop him from keeping an eye on Eva. Because she was his first—and forever—love.

May be spoilers:

First Love has 8 chapters with 2 epilogues and is about Eva and Tucker. You can read Eva’s parents story in His Love and Tucker’s parents story in Unexpected Love.

Tucker and Eva have known each other for years as he’s best friends with her brother. They both have fallen in love with each other.

We see in the prologue that he moves away because she’s only 16, but that doesn’t stop his love.

Thankfully, the actual story starts when he moves back after 8 years and we don’t have to see them apart. He’s gotten everything ready to go get his woman.

He definitely doesn’t waste any time. I loved him. He’s obsessive/stalkerish, but he was awesome.

I love that they are both virgins and that he didn’t even date while away. Definitely feel his love for her.

Everything moves super fast, but it was a really great read. Lots of steam, with spanking thrown in. Flows well, so it reads fast.

No cheating, no ow/om drama, no separations once they get together, he is gone for 8 years before that.

Epilogue is a year out, then 6 years later. They are happily married with 4 kids. I gave it 🌟🌟🌟🌟 ½ . Thanks for reading.

Goodreads shelves: each-others-one-and-only, epilogue-kids, epilogue-married, faithful-since-meeting, fast-read, favorite, favorite-author, great-read, hea, love-how-he-loves-her, no-cheating-between-mcs, no-ow-om-drama, no-push-pull, no-separations, no-sex-scenes-with-ow-om, o-t-t-alpha, read, safe-for-me, spanking, steam, virgin-hero, virgin-heroine

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