Review: In Death series by J. D. Robb



This isn’t like my typical reviews, as most are short, steamy romance stories, which are some of my favorites. But, I still love other genres and decided to take a little break from my usual.

I’m such a huge fan of this author and the In Death series. It’s actually one of my favorite series.

The writing of each is amazing. It’s a continuous story line, which I love. To be able to watch the characters grow, is awesome.

Dallas and Roarke are two of my favorite characters of all time. Not saying that they are perfect, but they are human. Love how they are together.

The novella ones are a little shorter, but most of this series has at least 48 chapters, with no real epilogue as it is a continuous story-line. They read fast though, as it flows so well.

Not a whole lot of steam. You can feel the emotions of each of the characters and I definitely think that helps make up for the lack of steam. 

So far, there are 50 books that have released. I definitely recommend reading in order.

Action packed. Police investigations which keeps you on your toes.

Not 100% safe as there is rape and/or talk of rape in most of the stories, some more descriptive than others.

Decided to have a little break from my usual of romance stories.

Love this series so much, decided to do a reread from the beginning. I’m at Indulgence in Death and just going to keep working my way through them until the next one comes out.

They just keep my attention from the very beginning. Couple of the novellas, skimmed a little. Only because they were a little out there, but they were still very good.

Love each and every character. Love being able to feel what the characters feel. Makes for a very good read.

Next one, Shadows in Death, comes out in September. Can’t wait.

Have you read the series? What did you think?


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