Review: Cowgirl Bikers MC #1 by Esther E. Schmidt

Published July 2021


Hudsyn – I’m the president of an all-female MC located at a huge ranch which breeds horses and other livestock. I’m not pretending to be a biker or clueless on how keep the ranch afloat; I am a woman who fights hard for what she wants and giving up isn’t an option. Not when vengeance keeps my heart beating and retaliation is fueling my veins.

Ezra – Being a nomad fits my state of mind until the perfect woman jumps right into my welcoming arms. She might not realize it, but I considered her mine right then and there. All I need to do now is win her feisty heart by showing her I’m fully committed. To give her the support she needs, even if she’s in the middle of choices involving life and death.

Life is never easy, a future never granted, and love never guaranteed.

**WARNING; each book in the Cowgirl Bikers MC series is a standalone short story featuring a new couple and can be read together or separately. Includes: Love at first sight. Off the charts chemistry. HEA. And each story will leave you wanting more cowgirl bikers!**

May be spoilers: 

Cowgirl Bikers MC #1 is the first in a brand new series. It has 8 chapters with an epilogue and is about Hudsyn and Ezra. I would recommend reading Cowboy Bikers MC #9 as that is when we see them meet. 

I loved these 2. 

Hudsyn is the President of her MC after her father and the other fathers were killed. She’s strong, but can show her vulnerable side too. 

Ezra is a nomad, but that all changed when he met her. 

This story starts 5 days after their hot minute they had. 

Ezra was all in and I loved that he was respectful and didn’t try to take over. 

This story made me smile most of the way through. 

This is just a story of them getting together and figuring out the past and dealing with it. 

Absolutely loved it. 

Still had a little steam. 

Great read. Reads fast and easy. 

Definitely was a little worried about my own thoughts of an all female MC, but it was actually really good. Can’t wait for the next. 

No cheating, no ow/om drama, 5 day separation-but none once they see each other again. 

Epilogue is 3 years out. They are happily married and pregnant. 

I gave it ★★★★☆. Have you read it? What did you think?

Goodreads shelves: epilogue-married, epilogue-pregnant, faithful-since-meeting, fast-read, favorite-author, great-read, hea, instaconnection, love-how-he-loves-her, no-cheating-between-mcs, no-push-pull, no-real-ow-om-drama, no-sex-scenes-with-ow-om, no-virgins, quick-easy-read, read, safe-for-me, short-separation, steam

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