Review: Clawing Free By Josh Roberts

Published 2021

What if monsters are real?
. . . and they know you by name?

Years after the grisly murder of her older sister, Lissy Oullette—a waitress in a small mountain town—is struggling to move on with her life when something rips it all apart . . . again.

At the lake near her home, Lissy discovers another body. And much like her sister’s, it’s been torn to pieces.

As she searches for answers, Lissy finds herself being lured back to the lake by something so evil, it seems inevitable that hers will be the next body found.

May be spoilers:

Clawing Free is the 1st that I’ve read by this author. It has 32 chapters and is about Lissy and Neil.

This was an awesome read. It kept my attention from the very beginning.

Reads fast and easy. Wasn’t perfect, but nothing that hindered me at all.

This story is about them dealing with the past and what’s happening now.

Some things were weird, but the storyline was really good.

The whole time I was reading, I could feel the creepiness. It was awesome.

Neil was awesome. Loved how he was with Lissy. This was no romance story by any means, but you could feel his love for her.

Great read. There is no real epilogue. They are engaged at the end and all questions answered by the end.

I gave it ★★★★☆. Have you read it? What did you think?

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