Requesting Book Recommendations

I’m taking book recommendations. I’m in a book slump, it feels like. Love to read, but it’s been a struggle lately.

I’m kind of picky too. I want stories that flow nicely, that you don’t have to start and stop or skim.

I love romance with very little to no angst, ow/om drama, and I’d rather have no separation. I really don’t mind if there is a smidge of drama, as long as it doesn’t hurt the relationship. I would rather have no sex scenes with others, only H and h. I have a lot of favorites: Esther E Schmidt, Addy Archer, LeAnn Ashers, Leah Sharelle, Alexi Ferreira, and too many more go list but just examples. And yes, I know some of these have what I would rather not read, but it’s not a deal breaker.

I love thrillers and mysteries. Favorite is J.D. Robb.

Would love recommendations on what to read, what is good. It doesn’t have to be current. Respectfully, I’m very opposed to historical :] sorry.

Love to see what every recommends.


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