About Me

Hey everyone! I’m still working on setting up my blog and just realized I don’t have a home page. Haven’t figured out how to do that without messing up all my reviews that go to the front page. It’s a little trial and error for me as I’m really not good with these things.

I just want to share my love of reading. My reviews are from stories that I read. Anything less than 3 stars will just be on my Goodreads, not my blog.

I’m a huge reader. There is nothing I love more than reading, other than my son of course. It is my destresser from life. I’m not a very good writer, but my reviews are just my opinions.

Feel free to ask questions.  Any pointers about how to set up my blog, that would be appreciated. You can find me on Goodreads also. On the individual reviews, you can find my read shelf and on the main page with all the reviews, you can find my currently reading shelf.

Most of the images on my blog are from books, author’s cover. They are not my own.

The reviews are my own opinions. I read what I like and review it just on that.

Thanks and happy reading.