Review: Bayou Magic Series by Kristen Proby


A paranormal romance series set in New Orleans and the bayou of Louisiana, you won’t want to miss these stories about three sisters, the men they love, and the madman they must stop.

May be spoilers: 

The Bayou Magic series consists of Shadows, Spells, and Serendipity. 

Each story consists of a different main characters. The storyline continues throughout all three and they have to be read in order. 

I absolutely loved each one. The characters and world building was amazing.  

Each couple found the love of a lifetime. I really wish in the last 2 books that we were told if they were celibate after meeting, but no past conversations were had about others.

In Shadows, Brielle and Cash have an instalove/ connection.  Brielle can see dead people and Cash is a cop/FBI agent. 

There was no drama in their relationship. They were both all in. 

In Spells, Millie and Lucien have a millennium of love together that they start remembering. Which was kind of amazing. She’s a hedgewitch and psychic and he’s a warlock. 

In Serendipity, Daphne and Jackson have a second chance at love. I didn’t like that they were apart for so many years. It takes them a little bit longer than the other 2 couples. She sees the past on anything she touches and he has gifts as well.

I absolutely loved each one and the story that goes through each is very good and engaging. 

Parts are graphic, but definitely kept my attention from the very first story. 

Reads fast. Loved it. 

I gave each ★★★★☆.  

No cheating between mcs 

No ow/om drama

Fast read

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