Review: Finding Home by Ella Goode



Published May 2019

Blurb: Charlotte Bloom is a city girl.

She likes stilettos, sidewalks, and the Starbucks on every corner. It doesn’t matter that her heels hurt or the sidewalks cracked or no one at the coffee store remembers her name. The horns of taxi drivers serenade her as she walks to work and fast-paced action fills her days which is why she needs her boss to come home from the farm. There are contracts to be signed. Money to be made. Hands to be greased and — oh my god, is that a cow?


Colton Blackwood is a country man.

He wants slow walks, slow kisses, and slow love-making, but more than anything he wants that with Charlotte. It doesn’t matter that she’s scared of the farm animals or that she’s suspicious that the store clerk knows her name. He knows that love’s the same whether you’re wearing a suit in the boardroom or a pair of cowboy boots on the ranch. The trick is convincing Charlotte but, it’ll happen because Colton won’t accept anything but her by his side.


May be spoilers:

Finding Home should be read after Bring Him Home. Can be read as a standalone, but I think they go better together as you’ll see a couple characters from the first story.

This story has 13 chapters and an epilogue and is about Colton and Charlotte.

Colton is Delilah’s neighbor and friend, while Charlotte is Drake’s assistant.

In Bring Him Home, Colton and Drake struck a deal. Colton told him that he wants Charlotte. They’ve only spoken on the phone, but they both are head over heels for the other, even though Charlotte fights it cause she thinks Colton is in love with Delilah.

She’s a virgin and I’m not sure about him as it never says anything about his past other than he runs from women.

I love their bantering back and forth and I love a story where I smile all the way through.

There really is no drama. Little pushing away in the beginning, but it was just because of a little misunderstanding, but it didn’t take too long. I absolutely loved it.

I’m one of those who loves hot, steamy sex scenes galore in my stories, but even with the steaminess not hitting till later in the book, it was still a great read.

No separations, no cheating, ow-her thinking he was in love with Delilah, om-phone call from someone who wants her, both over quickly.

Epilogue is 5 years out. They are happily married with a couple of girls(guessing, as it doesn’t specify).  I love that we get to see a glimpse of Delilah and Drake and their HEA.

Great read. I love the writing. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars.  Thanks for reading. Hope you check it out.

Goodreads shelves: celibate-hero, epilogue-kids, epilogue-married, faithful-since-meeting, fast-read, get-together-stay-together, hea, instalove-lust, love-how-he-loves-her, no-cheating-between-mcs, no-drama, no-ow-om-drama, no-sex-scenes-with-ow-om, push-pull, read, safe-for-me, steamy, virgin-heroine

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