Review: Noble Love by Ella Goode

Published Jan. 2023

I know my frat is questionable, even on its best days, so when Autumn wanders in to clean the
rooms in order to pay for her tuition, I know I need to take care of her. First step? Get her away
from the brothers and into a safe spot. But this girl is too kind, too gorgeous, and too smart to
ignore, and now I’m left wondering who is going to save Autumn from me?

I don’t belong at this expensive college, but a degree from here will make me set for life. If I
have to clean a few toilets to graduate, that’s no problem. Dealing with a bunch of rowdy frat
boys isn’t on my wish list of college activities, but there are worse things. I can keep the frat
boys at bay by being careful and keeping my head down. It’s easy, except where Noble White is
concerned. He’s the only I trust—to both save me, and corrupt me, both in perfect measure.

May be spoilers:

Noble Love has 19 chapters with an epilogue and is about Noble and Autumn.
They meet when he saves her from one of the other students.
He’s super wealthy and she’s had a tough childhood and lived in foster homes.
He falls head first and goes at her pace, so he doesn’t run her off.
I did wish that she didn’t last as long as she did, without answering his texts.
It was definitely still a great read.
I loved these 2 together.
More outside drama than in the relationship itself.
Dual virgins. Little steamy in a couple of spots, but it does hit later.
Fast, easy read.

No cheating between mcs, blip of ow- only a split second and was over, om drama-just a couple
of trouble makers, blip of separation-this one? While I put blip of separation, it actually
happened before they really got together, but it can be seen either way.
Epilogue is 10 years out. They are happily married with boys and pregnant with a girl.

I gave it ★★★★★. Have you read it? What did you think?
● No cheating between mcs
● Dual virgins
● Blip of separation
● Epilogue-married
● Epilogue-kids
● Epilogue-pregnant

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