Review for Worth The Chance By Stella James

Worth The Chance: Blue Falls Book 1
May be spoilers:

Blurb: Lily
I am Lily Jensen and I am safe.
I repeat the words over and over until I almost believe them.
I repeat the words until the dark edges of my past retreat and I can breathe again.
I deserve happiness. I deserve love. I am safe.
Never in my life have I felt an attraction so intense. Everything about her is beautiful. I can’t explain my need to protect her or the fact that one look from her ignites every possessive instinct within me. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe.
Lily Jensen escaped an abusive marriage and finds herself beginning a new life in the small town of Blue Falls, nestled deep in the Rocky Mountains. Every day is a battle against the memories of her past. She hasn’t so much as looked at a man in over two years. Until Cole.
Cole Stone has made a name for himself as the head of the family contracting business and has no plans of settling down with one woman. Until Lily.
Can Lily overcome her insecurities and trust herself enough to give love a second chance?Will Cole succeed in convincing her that he’s a worthy choice?
18 + Due to content.
Contains elements of domestic violence that some readers may have difficulty with.
Each book in the Blue Falls series can be read as a standalone. However, in order to fully enjoy the supporting characters and story lines, it is recommended that you read the books in order.

Hey everyone! I’m reviewing Worth the Chance by Stella James.It’s the 1st in the Blue Falls series. It has 19 chapters and an epilogue. This story is about Lily and Cole. In the prologue we see that she’s been in an abusive marriage to a cop, but she’s had enough and she’s leaving.For safety: not descriptive but she does think about him forcing himself on her, that was all that was said, but just wanted to give warning. Chapter 1 starts 2 years later. So they meet cause Cole’s sister Kate asks him to talk to Lily about an addition to the library and once he hears her voice on the phone, he wants to do it in person. I think it’s a case of instalove or at least insta attraction.Everything moves super fast. She does turn him down for a week or so, but that has more to do with her past than anything. They both fall pretty hard. There is lots of hots sex. Her ex does come after her but thankfully Cole shows up before she’s hurt too bad. This story is mostly about them getting together. It’s a great story, I did skim a little. Epilogue has them married with twin boys. I did give it 4****. Check back soon for more reviews.

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