My review for The Alpha’s Christmas Mate by R. E. Butler


Blurb: When Sugar Pierce is asked to be her adopted sister’s Maid of Honor for her Christmas Eve wedding, she gladly steps into the role. As the only snow leopard in the wolf pack, she’d do anything for her adopted family.

Alpha lion Maddox Hayes is happy to stand up as Best Man for his only sibling’s marriage to a she-wolf. As alpha, he’s bound by pride laws to mate a lion female, but he’s never met one who makes his beast purr. When he enters the foyer to walk the Maid of Honor down the aisle, he comes face-to-face with the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen in his life. When she promptly shifts into a snow leopard, he knows that he’s in the presence of his true mate. Her uncontrollable shift is proof of that.

Maddox is eager to make Sugar his mate, even if it means relinquishing his position and power as alpha. As he prepares to step down as alpha, usurpers disregard the pride laws and attempt to take control, forcing Maddox to defend his people and his mate. Will the new couple get to spend their first Christmas together, or will their mating be over before it starts?

*This book was part of the Once Upon a Midnight Solstice boxed set. If you already own the boxed set, please do not purchase this book!*

May be spoilers:

The Alpha’s Christmas Mate is the 1st in the Uncontrollable Shift series. Very short story, only has 8 chapters. This story is about Sugar who is a snow leopard and Maddox who is an Alpha lion shifter.

Maddox is best man for his brother’s wedding to Sugar’s sister. Sugar is the maid of honor. They meet and as soon as he looks at her, she shifts. Penny, her mom, says that it’s very rare, but when mates are born for the other, one or both will have an uncontrollable shift. I thought it was pretty awesome, and it’s the 1st time I’ve read a shifter book with that.

Maddox was supposed to choose a lioness as his mate to stay the alpha. But, now that he’s found Sugar, no way is he letting her go, regardless of what others think.

They mate right away, he’s not hesitant in claiming her even with the law about stepping down if he doesn’t take a lioness for his mate. He does agree to step down, but he’s challenged before he can. He wins and the pride throws out the old laws. Slight ow in the form of the 3 lionesses that are brought in to see if Maddox would like one of them enough to mate with, but nothing happens, it’s just mentioned a couple of times.

Such a great story. This is a first for me with this author and I have to say that the writing is great. I loved it. A couple hot sex scenes, but still great. Short and to the point. I gave it 4 stars. Thanks for reading. Hope you check it out. You can get the book here: The Alpha’s Christmas Mate (Uncontrollable Shift Book 1)


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